1.22 “Landslide”

Matt and Daddy Bennet journey through Company Central. They meet Molly and Mohinder, and Thompson meets a bullet. Peter stops himself from going nuclear and plans to skip town with RadioTed and Claire. Their attempt is thwarted when Sylar helps AudreyClea to track down RadioTed. Sylar then intervenes and gives RadioTed a good ol’ scalping. Hiro visits the Samurai Workshop and finds Papa Sulu there. Strenuous training ensues, and Papa Sulu totally kicks Hiro’s butt for most of it. Micah rigs Nathan’s victory in the election. Before Linderman can exploit the kid further or put any more bullets through D.L., D.L. phases a fist through the guy’s brain. I’d add how brilliant this episode is, but that sort of goes without saying.