4.11 “Thanksgiving”


Peter and Sylathan join Angela for Thanksgiving, and finally prize a confession out of her about the Sylathan Debacle. We learn that Angela still has a heart beneath that steely exterior, although it doesn’t do her much good when Sylar reemerges and decides to make good on his promise to kill everyone involved in his out-of-body experience. Sylar scarfs down pie and CBD oil, kisses Angela (!) and comes moments away from slicing her head open, only to be stopped by Sylathan when he regains control of his body and flies away. Lydia strips for Hiro and asks him to touch her (no, really!), and then they travel back in time and discover that Samuel killed Joseph. Who gets a cookie for calling it, like, 10 episodes ago? Well, a lot of us, but I’m one of them! Samuel watches Mohinder’s film reel, gathers the carnies for Thanksgiving and responds to Edgar’s anger by pinning Joseph’s murder on him, whereupon Hiro saves Edgar’s life, stands up to Samuel and gets Damien-whammied. This leads to Hiro experiencing a few memory flashes, yammering a bit and then teleporting away. Noah stalks Lauren at a supermarket and persuades her to cook Thanksgiving dinner at his apartment. Sandra and her new boyfriend show up, as do Claire and a playmate for Mr. Muggles. The dinner is fraught with tension, especially when Claire announces she’s planning to drop out of college, but the scene turns hilarious when Claire decides to be melodramatic and slices her wrist open. Noah tries to dissuade Claire from a visit to the carnival, and Claire pretends to agree, but even when Gretchen shows up and makes amends with her, Claire remains determined to meet the murderous bunch. Oh, Claire.