4.12 “The Fifth Stage”

Peter absorbs the Haitian’s ability, blocks Sylar’s abilities and tortures him until he morphs back into Sylathan. Sylathan tells Peter it’s time for him to let his brother go, and after Peter literally lets go by letting Sylathan fall from a rooftop, Sylar reclaims his body and walks away. Claire and Gretchen visit the carnival. After disagreeing over the carnival’s ethics and meeting Doyle (!), Claire tells the younger carnival members a story about a special frog (!!) and watches a disgruntled customer repeatedly punch Samuel in the face (!!!). The gist is that Claire has decided to make this place home. Samuel wants to recruit a lot more supers. To this end, he assigns self-replicating Eli from the graphic novels to steal Noah’s Primatech files. Lauren finds out that she had herself Haitian-whammied and isn’t pleased. Just to clarify: Sylathan is dead. This time, there doesn’t appear to be any twist or caveat. Farewell, Adrian Pasdar.