4.14 “Let It Bleed”

Peter attends Nathan’s wake and tries to pretend everything’s fine. Angela and Claire do their best to help him mourn, but Peter’s more interested in running off to stop a homicidal office drone who’s gunning everyone in sight. After another heartfelt speech, Peter gets shot and has to borrow Claire’s ability. You’d think he’d be wise enough to hold onto this ability, but he ditches it when the option to absorb West’s flight presents itself. Noah captures Edgar and channels his inner badass to extract information on Samuel and the carnival. Lauren advocates a gentler approach, and the outcome is a map of the carnival and a strategy to overthrow Samuel. Edgar changes his mind, however, when it turns out that members of the carnival might get caught in the crossfire. Sylar returns to the carnival with the aim to scalp everyone there. To his chagrin, he discovers that he’s impotent (the show’s word, not mine!). On an unrelated note (one would hope), Sylar gets a Magik Tattoo of Claire and decides to stalk her by hovering outside her window.