4.15 “Close to You”

Determined to stop Samuel, Noah persuades Matt to help him track down Vanessa. They prize information about Samuel out of her, then use her as bait to capture Samuel. Samuel of course outwits them and brings Vanessa to the carnival. Noah wants to rescue Vanessa but knows he’s SOL. Matt doesn’t like the idea of cult leaders recruiting his toddler son but knows he needs to have dinner ready on time. So everyone calls it a day, heads home and hopes for the best. Angela has a dream of Emma playing her cello at the carnival and killing thousands of people. Peter wants to see this for himself, absorbs Angela’s ability and has a similar dream (including an image of Sylar claiming he’ll save Emma). He promptly attempts to derail upcoming events by smashing Emma’s cello. Ando arranges for Hiro to be admitted to the same psychiatric hospital as Mohinder. Typical slapstick fare ensues, but after Mohinder’s medication is switched and his superstrength returns, the three of them break out. Mohinder suggests that Ando unscramble Hiro’s brain by zapping his friend at close range with red lightning. This does not have the effect that many of us hoped for, but it stops Hiro from babbling and leads to the three of them teleporting to Noah’s apartment in time to put a stop to something awful. Yes, by that, I do mean Noah locking lips with Lauren.