4.17 “The Art of Deception”

Noah and Lauren plan a raid on the carnival. Claire tries to persuade Samuel to surrender, but Samuel uses the situation to his advantage by assigning Eli to gun down everyone at the carnival and making it look like Noah is the shooter. This gives Samuel an opportunity to take charge when chaos ensues, and after Lydia bleeds to death, Samuel fuels the carnival’s hatred towards the outside world and tells them it’s time to reveal what they’re capable of. Sylar demands that Matt remove his abilities so he can be “normal.” When Sylar threatens to kill Janice if Matt doesn’t cooperate, Matt uses Maury’s old trick and traps Sylar inside his own mind. Given that Sylar is immortal, this means he’s going to be trapped inside his own mind for a very long time. Bravo, Matt. Peter has another dream about Sylar rescuing Emma at the carnival. After Angela reluctantly points him in the right direction, Peter shows up at Matt’s house, absorbs his ability and finds Sylar in the basement, buried behind a brick wall. Bravo, Matt. Peter goes inside Sylar’s head to rescue him so that Sylar can rescue Emma. Oh, Peter.