4.18 “The Wall”

Peter discovers that breaking out of Sylar’s mind is more difficult than he thought. Time moves a lot slower in Sylar’s head than in the real world, so it takes several years in an empty city before Peter accepts that Sylar’s a changed man, at which point the two of them work together to knock down the wall trapping them inside Sylar’s head. After Lauren stumbles into the carnival and gets her gunshot wound treated, Samuel tells Lauren he’s tired of living in the carnival and hiding what he can do. Then he tells Eli it’ll be the Greatest Show On Earth. Then he tells Claire he’s bringing the carnival to Central Park to make the world tremble before him. Apparently, after 18 episodes of keeping his nefarious plans to himself, Samuel wants to tell everyone about everything. By way of a Damien Whammy, we learn that Noah was once a used-car salesman (!), that he had a wife named Kate, and that he and Kate were about to start a family when a TK-assisted petty thief killed her. This prompted Noah to become the badass we know today, although it wasn’t until he tracked down and shot an unrelated super that he came to The Company’s attention. After Noah then botched several assignments, The Company tried to restrain his aggression by encouraging him to marry some random waitress. Turns out said waitress was Sandra. Claire finds this as outrageous as we do, but stands by her father, whereupon Samuel concludes she’s not carnival material and buries a trailer with her and Noah trapped inside.