4.19 “Brave New World”

Samuel brings the carnival to Central Park and plans to bury its audience. Doyle puppeteers Emma into playing her cello and gathering a crowd, but Sylar overpowers Doyle and Peter confronts Samuel. Hiro meets a 90-year-old Charlie. It turns out time-traveling Arnold ditched Charlie in Milwaukee in 1944, whereupon she got a job and started a family. Hiro is heartbroken, but the adorableness of the Mini-Charlie is such that he decides not to rewrite history just so he and Charlie can be together. Claire and Noah pursue Samuel to Central Park after Tracy water-drills into their buried trailer and helps them swim to safety. Samuel is exposed as a power-hungry murderer, and Hiro teleports everyone away from the carnival, draining Samuel of his power and leaving him a broken man. Claire decides it’s time the world knew about people with abilities, and, with a film crew broadcasting the stunt across the nation, jumps off the top of the carnival’s Ferris wheel.