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2.11 “Powerless”

Sylar takes Maya and Molly hostage and forces Mohinder to supply him with a cure that restores his abilities. Noah reaches an agreement with Bob that boils down to him resuming his job at The Company and Claire keeping quiet. Niki rescues Monica from a burning building, but gets caught in the fire herself. R.I.P. Niki. Meanwhile, Peter realizes he’s been played by Adam and destroys the lethal strain of the Shanti Virus. Hiro buries Adam in a coffin deep underground and returns to Japan. And then Nathan decides to tell the world about the superpowered population, which someone obviously doesn’t like because they shoot him. R.I.P. Nathan.

2.10 “Truth & Consequences”

Claire scatters Noah’s (fake) ashes and vows to reveal her ability to the world if it’ll end The Company. Sylar and Maya finally reach New York, but it’s minus Alejandro, whom Sylar stabbed in the chest. This isn’t catastrophic, though, because Maya learns to control her ability without her brother. Meanwhile, Monica tries to help Micah retrieve D.L.’s medal of honor from a gang (don’t ask), and Hiro time-travels to 1977, where he witnesses Adam’s first attempt to unleash a strain of the Shanti Virus on the general population. Hiro returns to the present to stop Adam from doing the same again, but finds Peter unwilling to let him decapitate Adam.

2.09 “Cautionary Tales”

Hiro goes back in time to save Papa Sulu, but Papa Sulu’s adamant about dying because it’s destiny and because Hiro’s not supposed to meddle with God’s will. After meeting himself as a 9 year old, Hiro agrees. Matt begins to harness the Parkman whammy, coercing Angela into revealing the name of the one remaining ElderSuper we haven’t already met. Bob kidnaps Claire, and Noah and West kidnap Elle. They trade hostages, but it ends with Mohinder putting a bullet in Noah’s eye. Which is as devastating as it sounds, even after we learn that someone injected Noah with a sample of Claire’s blood so he’d regenerate.

2.06 “The Line”

Peter and Caitlin travel to Montreal, find a cryptic note, then teleport to Times Square one year in the future. Claire and West play a prank on Debbie. Maya, Alejandro and Sylar reach the U.S. border, where Maya is forced to kill four border patrol officers. Bob orders Mohinder to eliminate Monica’s ability using the supervirus; when Mohinder refuses, Bob assigns Niki (or possibly Jessica) to supervise him. Noah visits his mentor in Ukraine, gets the location of the missing Mendez paintings, and shoots him. Finally, Kensei saves Yaeko’s father, then watches Hiro and Yaeko kiss, and betrays them.

2.05 “Fight or Flight”

Matt and Nathan visit Papa Parkman, who conjures up images of their worst nightmares and nearly drives them to kill one another. Peter opens The Box. It contains a passport and a plane ticket to Montreal, which is apparently connected to the image Peter paints of a doorway. Elle visits Ireland looking for Peter, doesn’t find him, and kills Ricky. Meanwhile, Hiro, Kensei, and Yaeko locate White Beard’s Hidden Fortress, Monica explores her ability by playing Double Dutch, and Mohinder brings Molly to The Company in the hope that they can help her wake from her coma.

2.04 “The Kindness of Strangers”

Claire lies to Noah and goes on a date with West. Angela confesses to Papa Sulu’s murder and gets arrested. We meet Monica Dawson, who lives and works in New Orleans and has the ability to mimic abilities she sees. Maya, Alejandro and Derek come across Sylar, Sylar comes across a brick, and Derek dies. Meanwhile, Nathan shows Matt a copy of the photo which Superhoodie has been using to send death threats to the Elder Supers. It turns out that one of the Elder Supers is both Matt’s father and Molly’s Nightmare Man. Matt persuades Molly to use her Super-GPS to find Nightmare Man. She does, but it puts her into a Super-Coma.

2.03 “Kindred”

Sylar regains consciousness, kills Candice, and discovers he’s lost his abilities. Hiro places scrolls in the handle of Kensei’s sword recounting his recent adventures, and Ando finds them in the present. Claire goes flying with West, forgives him for being a jerk, and learns that Noah bagged ‘n’ tagged him. Peter takes part in an armed robbery, gets his box, then decides not to open it. Alejandro gets arrested for stealing a car, and Maya breaks him out of jail by killing the police officers. Niki leaves Micah with Great Aunt Uhura, then heads over to The Company for “a cure.” And Mohinder finds Painting #8, which depicts a dead Noah.